White Label Casino

Before 1994 when the first online casino started its operations, gambling was performed mostly in land based casinos. Today, due to the rapid expansion of the internet, gambling is more accessible and diversified as an increasing number of gaming websites offer a rich variety of online gambling products. In this context, opening an online casino requires lower initial capital opposed to opening a land based casino. Additionally, costs of operations are lower while profit potential is huge.

Online gaming is the fastest growing market in the gambling industry surpassing land-based gambling operations in regards to generated revenue. What is surprising is the fact that the online gambling sector is still growing and will continue to grow in the foreseeable future as an increasing number of countries have established the legal framework for online gambling.

White Label Casino package targets gaming operators looking to start or integrate our casino products into an already existing online gaming business. We will provide the infrastructure and the technology to run a successful gambling business. Our package contains: the actual casino software designed to provide a secure and reliable wagering platform, a rich selection of casino games, 3rd party live dealer games application, a wide range of payment processing channels, advanced hosting, anti-fraud and risk management modules and many more useful features and services.

White Label Casino - Games

White Label Casino provides an affordable and highly customizable solution for online gaming operations of any scale.

One of the main advantages for choosing a White Label Casino solution for your igaming operations is its practicality and excellent costs/benefits ratio. The process to set up a gaming operation  using our solution takes between 4-6 weeks. Once the operating agreement has been signed we will start the configuration process.

Operators will need to provide:  the domain name of their website and branding materials (we will offer a branding package if operators do not have any branding materials). We will customize the website according to operators’ specifications and help operators choose the games and configure various functions and features related to casino operations.

Once the configuration process is finished and the casino becomes operational, operators can focus on marketing and attracting new users.
White Label Casino has been in the online gaming business for more than a decade and during this time we have gained valuable knowledge about the do’s and don’t related to running a successful gaming operation. Following our advice, operators will not only minimize costs and risks but will also recover their initial investment and increase their revenue in no time.